I MET SAVANNA VIA SKYPE VIDEO from Spain whilst she was serving in the Navy and we just hit it off. Savanna is one of the loveliest people you could meet and John, her husband and ex Marine (who’s great with kids going by his little fan club during the wedding) look great together.

They married in town at historic La Villita and the reception was at the Plaza Juarez just around the corner. Weddings can be an emotional roller coaster  for the bride (not unlike buying a house which is what I’m feeling right now) and this was no exception. We did have a quick rain shower just before Savanna walked down the aisle but thankfully, the big storm we were expecting never materialized. The worse drought for years in Texas goes on.

See below a few of my favorites.  Most of the day, all images were shot on my lovely small and discreet Leica M9 with a 35mm f1.4 Summilux. A couple of images here were also shot with a Nikon D3 and a Nikon 105 f2.8.

As always, I’d loved to see your comments below this post. Let me know your favorites and why.



10 responses to “WEDDING: SAVANNA + JOHN”

  1. Stephen Bunn Avatar

    Great images… Very sharp and crisp, my fave has to be the French Bulldog portrait, great light and I own one myself 🙂

  2. Gino Siller Avatar

    Was doing some research on the M9 and came across your site. Amazing work!

  3. Philip Thomas Avatar

    Gino- Thank you. Most kind. I was checking out your work and you have a very distinctive stye. Keep up the good work. If you have any Q&A about the Leica M9, please ask.

  4. Jim Gallaher Avatar

    I love the second photo of the… boston terrier? and the ones of the bride getting ready, they really tell a story. I think your b&w photos are strongest. Maybe I’m biased, lol. Either way, it’s all gorgeous work!

  5. Philip Thomas Avatar

    Thank you, jim!

  6. Kevin Mullins Avatar

    Wonderful images as always. If I had to choose a favourite, I think I would go for the little boy jumping off the curb. The girl watching him is priceless. And the dog of course in #2 – brilliant captures throughout.

  7. Philip Thomas Avatar


    Thank you and it’s always great to hear feedback from my peers, even 5000 miles away. Cheers.
    – Philip

  8. Jeremy Fokkens Avatar

    Hey Phillip, First off cheers for following me on twitter, and second your work is stunning and love the documentary style you used in this recent wedding… STUNNING WORK and love the connection with your subjects but still being able to become invisible.

    Love the work and will be following you!!


  9. Kiam Avatar

    Savanna and John are friends of mine, and I deeply regret being unable to attend their wedding this summer. These photos fill me with joy, and I wanted to thank you for sharing them. Savanna was raving about your work while we were in Spain, so I knew her special day was in good hands.


    – Kiam

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