Return from England

Just returned from England, the ‘old country’. My wife and the two little ones visited mom and dad. I think I need a vacation from the vacation, you know that feeling?

It was Emma’s first visit-she’s only 8 months old and it was Lily’s third time. She’s three now. We stayed mostly with mom and dad in Southampton and from there was our jumping point to visit chocolate factories, castles and um, lots of playgrounds.  The pictures below are from my little Canon compact. Really great quality images with a 28 mm wide angle lens, perfect for a few landscapes, HD video and fun pics. These ones were taken along the beautiful River Itchen, just east of Southampton very close to Cobden Bridge.

Still slightly jet lagged this week. That’s the problem with day time flights-you don’t sleep much and then you put that together with two young girls. Well, we were all waking up at 4 am local time, 10 am UK time. Today, we’re finally starting to feel normal and ready to rock and roll.

More pictures will follow soon.







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