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I’VE KNOW ALYSSA for a couple of years now. I photographed Alyssa and Chad’s wedding back in December 2008 and her sister’s wedding, Lesli and her husband Byron last December.

What’s exciting is seeing a family grow and asked to photograph the continuing story. I was reminded by a gentleman at a recent Indian engagement ceremony that what I do for a living is photograph new beginnings. Yeah, I do. Weddings, maternities, new borns, new buildings-interiors and exteriors.

Well, I was so excited to capture Alyssa’s pictures today. She’s only a day or two from going into labor and she’s already feeling a few contractions. They’ve held out and do not know the sex of the baby. Man alive, my wife and I just gave in- we had to know!

This picture is my favorite, and the last photo of the session.

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