frank sinatra dance

Just returned from shooting with Fer Juaristi.  an amazing and inspiring photographer. Good to press the reset button and keep learning, Here’s photo of the week. Some images just seem to get better with age when I become emotionally disconnected from when it was captured. In this case, three years ago.







4 responses to “frank sinatra dance”

  1. Steve Stanton Avatar

    hauntingly beautiful image Philip! This is where a photograph really conveys insane emotion. makes me happy to look at! well done my friend

  2. Philip Thomas Avatar

    Thank you kind Sir. Good seeing you over the weekend. That was quite a fitting end to an amazing trip.

  3. Wedding Photographers in Limerick Avatar

    Nice shot…Taking dancing picture is difficult but you did it very smoothly.

  4. Philip Thomas Avatar

    Thankyou, Paul. You’re very kind to take the time and comment.

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